About Us

We are a Special Purpose Vehicle corporation empowered by legislation, the SPV Act of 2002, to effectively turn non-performing loans (NPLs) and acquired assets (ROPAs) into viable prospects for recoveries, asset resolutions and development.

Through Schuylkill, financial institutions can transfer, dispose and settle their non-performing assets (NPAs) with considerable advantages. NPLs and ROPAs that remains unsold 5 years after booking are given a risk weighting of 150%. This impacts the institution’s Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) and may render the bank’s capital impaired and subject to possible regulatory sanctions. Schuylkill’s business model allows the bank to unload these NPAs thus bringing down the effect of their risk weights to its CAR.

Schuylkill has acquired Php 2.4 billion in non-performing loans and acquired assets. Our extensive list of clients comes from all over the country and includes 42 rural banks and 2 commercial banks. We have acquired hard assets of varying types of agricultural and commercial properties that are ideal for re-selling and development for agriculture, resorts and luxury estates, or integrated low and medium-level housing.

We have a diverse and multi-disciplined team with years of solid experience in structured finance applications and non-performing asset resolution.

Our expertise is further strengthened by an experienced backroom and outstanding asset management software with data warehousing and asset tracking capabilities.

 Sound strategic thinking. Strong technical experience.